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Candy Canes... IT'S A CRAZE!

What is so special about these red and white hard candies? Every year about 1.76 Billion are made- EVERY YEAR! Not to mention, with the majority of them being made and only sold in November, December and early January.

These delicious and minty-fresh hard candies date back to 1847 and were first seen decorating a spruce holiday tree. Well, that's just one story. There are many other stories that date back in the 17th century as sugar sticks. No matter what the original story is on candy canes, its safe to say they have always been a popular craze!

Fun facts:

1. National Candy Cane Day is celebrated December 26 in the United States.

2. The world’s largest candy cane was created in 2011 and was 63 feet tall.

3. The average sized candy cane (5 inch) weighs roughly half an ounce and only has 50 calories.

4. Candy canes do not have any fat or cholesterol.

5. A candy cane turned upside down reveals the letter J, which many believe represents Jesus.

6. Originally, candy canes were only white and they didn’t have the bend.

7. In 1921, Brasher O. Westerfield invented a machine that could automatically make candy canes. Before this each cane was made by hand.

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